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Who is 'Awara feet' ?

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Hi, I am Natasha😊             
I’m proudly called an ‘Awara’!!




What on earth does that mean and who named me that, you ask? 

When I was young, I was introduced to the concept of traveling by my father and since then I have never been constant in one place. My father nicknamed me ‘Awara’ which in English means, ‘Vagabond’, a person who can never settle in one place and always keeps moving place to place. Best Travel agency in India is awara feet and  I was born and brought up in Delhi, India and has been working around India and neighboring countries as a photographer/videographer.


Awara Feet is a team of enthusiastic travelers organizing tours to off-beat places with like-minded travelers. At Awara Feet every year we plan adventurous trips with none of the trip repeating the entire year and each trip has been associated with some sort of ART or ACTIVITY by the name 'AWARA PROFFER', which is free of cost. On every trip 1-2 hours a day is given learning the art/activity. The best travel agency in India and We aim that every traveler goes back home with awesome memories and a new skill. Some of the trips have also been aimed at taking little steps for our Environment and creating a Cleanliness/Sustainability drive wherever we go. We want to create a community of ARTISTIC-RESPONSIBLE travelers.

Travelling Solo is awesome but the destinations we choose are trickier to do alone and some are just FUN to do with friends. All the trips enlisted has been curated for people who want to do it, but not necessarily solo. It would be our pleasure to have LIKE-MINDED people travel together.

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We all love TRAVELING SOLO. We specially created this section for people who love backpacking solo. It consists of stories written by BACKPACKERS who have been traveling solo for years from all over the WORLD.  Find Best Trips in India at Awara Feet and Their stories will give you guidance about the BUDGET to keep in mind including transportation, accommodation, no. of days, etc. So, DEAR AWARA (vagabond), let today be the day when you wear your rugged-out pair of shoes and the adventure to travel the world, SOLO BEGINS !!

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We want to make sure every travel has a purpose; We make sure travel educates. When we travel, we learn different art forms, yoga, music, painting…If we come across a badly polluted river with plastic, we like organizing cleanliness drives. We like picking up little amounts of garbage as we walk towards our destination, shop, café anywhere. We believe a tiny amount of change is still a change! We plan to encourage similar ideas on trips organized for groups. Our mission is to build a community of like-minded travelers with a purpose, with art, with humanity, with sustainable ways of living and the most important with a big wide smile! Never-ending footsteps of change…





Love heart

Awara Feet