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Bali Pass

Bali Pass: A staggering and Underrated crossover in Uttarakhand, 7000INR


Being a high-altitude Trekker and Adventurer, I crave for challenging treks across the Himalayas. I have heard a lot about Bali Pass way back in 2017. Quickly googled up the place, as to know more about the crossover. Somehow, I was not very sure if I will be able to do it or not. But at the end it’s all about the Mind “Where there is a Will there is a Way”.

Bali Pass: A staggering and Underrated crossover in Uttarakhand

So, Bali pass as it is a challenging crossover from Har Ki Doon Valley to Yamunotri Valley. The best part about this trek is that you test your own limits and see how much you can push yourself. Mountains teach you a lot. I feel, the Himalayas are the real God of the mountains. One must be proud of climbing mountains with pride but not ego. Since Bali pass is not an easy trek, I had to train my mind to face obstacles.

To the days when I believed in dreamy landscapes, landscapes not known to human invasions.

It was only mankind, humanity exhibited.
 To a cold barren mountain desert
 chanting of prayers from monasteries defines a dream;

A place perched far away from human annexation and a gift from Universe!


Everyone wants to witness dreamy landscapes and it was my time. The time to explore, trek through the finest trails of Uttrakhand. So, I started my journey from Delhi to Dehradun driving through the beautiful scenic beauty on the way. The trek starts from Sankri, hiking through narrow trails and great grandeur of Ruinsara lake. Somewhere in the middle of the mountains there is a hidden tranquil charisma, unknown enigmatic aura which creates, which makes me feel like going to the lesser traversed routes. Why? It's because of the memories, memories never fade away you build them up from the starting of the journey till the end. They are the building blocks of any particular moment.

You die with memories, stories:)

Bali Pass: A staggering and Underrated crossover in Uttarakhand

I am here to create infinite memories with bundle of tales and Chronicles. The sound of the birds, whispering of the cold Himalayan wind made me more adventurous in the next base camp of Bali Pass after crossing Taluka ie Seema. To reach Seema, you have to trek from Taluka. Taluka is easily approached from Sankri by road say 12km. The thick forests of Chestnuts, Walnuts, Willows, chinars and a variety of conifer trees around the village is main attraction of this trek. The local culture is extremely rich and one wouldn’t refrain listening to their tales. The trail till Har Ki Doon is pretty okay but after that it becomes really tricky. I would say there are steep descents and dicey sections. On the third day, started my trek from Rainbasera to Ruinsara Lake. Endless meadows carpeted with multiple coloured flowers. My heart melted!! The lake is surrounded by many Himalayan peaks like Kala Nag also known as the Black Peak. During the night, I gawked at the night sky full of stars. I felt blessed to have observed such dreamy night skies. Not everyone gets to witness. There are some things in life which you cherish forever and want to experience once in a lifetime. Mine was chasing endless galaxies and constellations because I am a traveller,amidst these mountains

Bali Pass: A staggering and Underrated crossover in Uttarakhand

A nomad, whose happiness lies in this place, thinks of all the time that have passed, whenever finds a time, just climb the mountains, Stop thinking about past and future,

To live in the present is the only aim,

The peace founded here, can't exist at any other place,

My heart and goes only to this place,

A beautiful place, I will always chase.

I woke up at 2 am in the middle of the night and watched the stars, galaxies and constellations gleaming brightly. It was the night of my life:

I have a dream of counting stars,
 Stars from my ancestors, stars from the farthest constellations. Little did I know my heart wanted something else.
 A true desire to see the young mountains.
 Living in the memories of infinite Milly ways and planets. Chasing me too far for reverie which are dynamic.
 Long walks, sunsets, sunrise unknown pathways
 Are the ones I live for
 Keeping me away from the daily chores.

Bali Pass: A staggering and Underrated crossover in Uttarakhand

The next day I woke up to beautiful morning sun kissing my face. I was still dreaming about last night's star gazing sessions. One of my friends screamed at me 'Wake up! Are you still dreaming of watching stars now? We have to go now and cross the pass. Weary and tired, I kept going cutting through lush valleys and unknown trails. Crossing Bali pass was one step away, for that one has to acclimatize in Odari base camp. Here the real challenge begins. Mental strength, will power be the key ingredients. There are long mountain ridges with a 60-degree incline full of loose edges. Life will challenge you, but you cannot look back and move away. Follow one mantra:

Snow me loves me,
as much as struggles and Obstacles are part of everyone's journey.

Walk through the terrain which is less travelled. Nobody knows my voyage will be unraveled.

When life pulls you down, you gotta move ahead Whatever comes on your way be prepared.

This is your Odyssey,
 be the sailor in the ship
 fighting against harsh storms and waves; For I want my ride
 to be embraced.
 Faith has given me this life,
 seize the day and make it alive.
 If you fail in your war faring,
 keep trying till your dreams are chased. Because in the end, you
gotta accept every moment with grace!

Never Give Up!! How hard it is. It sounds easy to say, but ultimately, it’s the mind, but do not challenge the mountains to show your ego. Embrace the journey of the trek. After reaching Odari Basecamp, everyone was worn out and exhausted. I was told by the trek leader to take rest and sleep early as we have a big day coming up: Crossing Bali Pass. Nervously excited, I looked at everyone’s face and they were all anxious. The pass crossing is a technical one. One has to overcome scree and rough patches of snow, and yes watch out for boulders. My heart was beating so fast, adrenaline rush soaring up so high. At that moment all I remember the lyrics from the Climb' by Miley Cyrus. A challenging day which will experiment your limits. Conquering the pass and crossing Lower Dhami (this is the place after crossing Bali Pass), I felt proud of myself standing at the top.

Bali Pass: A staggering and Underrated crossover in Uttarakhand

Standing at the highest point, where I get lost in my journey roads abandon me,
Dont compare the mountain Passes with sea
 Follow the tread of snow carpet white washed valley

For where you will find me waiting for you, in the magical alley.

I enjoyed watching the 360 view of Bandarpoonch, Swargrohini, Garhwal ranges and Yamunotri Valley which startled me. The difficult part was after crossing the pass: the steep descent. Brace yourself for another taxing route to be crossed. Your mind needs to be prepared to walk on irregular path. I was left amazed by the fact that in life if you have the courage and will power, anything is possible. I vanquished Bali Pass. A dream for many trekkers and adventures to walk on this trail and my dream has been fulfilled.

The next day I reached Jan Ki chatti located in the Yamunotri Valley. I relaxed the whole day, reminiscing the arduous journey to Bali Pass taking a lot of memories with me!!

Bali Pass: A staggering and Underrated crossover in Uttarakhand

Talking about the budget: It will cost you around Rs6500-8000max (Including guides,porters, food and tent equipment). There are a lot of guides available from the village Sankri and the charges are 700 per person.


Keep hustling and trekking

Yours Truly



Finding paradise wherever I go. A visual story-teller, writer, film-maker, photographer and into Art. I m invincible and unstoppable.

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