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Arunachal Pradesh

Heaven is a Myth, Arunachal Pradesh is real.


How about waking up to the earliest sunrise in the country? Dong is a small village where you can witness the earliest sunrise in the country. The village is situated on the banks of the Lohit river. Every adventure freak would be mesmerized to see the snow-capped mountains, pine forests, and oak trees. Walong is another tranquil town that is like 7km from Dong.

Imagine, your eyes woke up to the border of China. The feeling is surreal, isn’t it? Walong is a place which is 20km to the Chinese border, situated at an elevation of about 1094m. Well known as a place of bamboos, it gained historical significance because it has witnessed various battles during the time of the Chinese invasion in 1962. Walong is situated on the west bank of the Lohit River also known as 'a place full of bamboos', is located at an elevation of about 1,094 m. It has attracted many tourists across the world because of the major attractions around Walong – Namti Valley(known as NamtiMaidan) 7km from Walong. The valley has gained popularity due to the Chinese invasion of 1962. The brave soldiers who died and in honor of these soldiers, a war memorial was constructed and bears the inscription to commemorate their sacrifices. The scenic beauty is astounding as it is surrounded by pine forests, oak trees, lush green plants. Apart from this, there is a hot spring located at a distance of 4km from Walong. This hot spring is situated at a confluence of the Lohit and Dichu River.

The rich culture of. Meyor community is something to witness while exploring Dong. From this village, you cannot stop gushing about the sceneries of Burma and China with panoramic view of rivers and lush meadows.  Sandwiched between China and Mynamar, Dong is situated at an elevation of 1,240meters. It is also located at the confluence of Lohit, unrecognized tributary of Brahmaputra and Sati. There are a lot of places to explore adjacent to Dong i.e. Tezu.

Tezu is a beautiful quiet and tranquil town in the district of Anjaw. It is a district headquarters of the Lohit District. Some of the famous attractions are like Tamreswari Temple, Parashuram Kind the city of king Bhismak and the site of Shivanlinga. The town is blessed with a rich culture and is comprised of many ancient tribes like Mishmi, Digaru, Khamti, and Miju.Tamladu puja is another attraction very well known among the Mishmi Tribe.

Arunachal Pradesh is really huge, some of the places are really touristy but there are some places which are unexplored. Hayuliang is one of them. Located in the Anjaw district the city is adorned with lush green landscapes with ethereal beauty. The name means 'the place of my liquor'. It offers bewildering views of the Lohit and Dalai river. The city is situated at an elevation of 750m and offers many breathtaking views of nearby places like Nadampha National Park, Roing and DibruSaikhowa.

Another town which has serene landscapes in Hawaii, which is the headquarters of the Anjaw district. The town is situated on the left side of the river Lohit. It is easily accessible from Hayuliang. Some of the major attraction of Hawaii is Cable Suspension Bridge also known as Anjaw. According to the Kaman Mishmi Dialect, Hawai means a pond.

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