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Chalo Haridwar–Rishikesh: 6000INR/7Days


A lot of you guys coming to India always ask me this question, ‘which place is best for doing a yoga course and meditation’. And I always answer them that it is RISHIKESH.

The Ganga river flowing and the peaceful cafés with an amazing sunset and sunrise always do justice to it. No place can best serve the purpose of doing the course than Rishikesh, sitting next to Ganga Ghat.

Before coming to Rishikesh, Haridwar always has to be the stop in the middle so that you don’t miss out the religious tour Haridwar has to offer. People from all over India and the world come near Ganga Ghat every morning or evening hours to watch the famous Ganga Arti (must watch).

Haridwar and Rishikesh tour

I always make it a point to reach Haridwar by afternoon because watching Ganga Arti during the evening is bliss to soul. While the sky is getting dark, the river is turning golden from the lamps lit and the environment is getting colourful from clothes of people: It is beautiful scenery. A personal favourite of mine.

Haridwar is among one of the places in India where Hindus come for a holy reason and Haridwar also serves as the river where people immerse ashes of a dead family member into the holy river and take a bath after to wash off sins.

While going back taking a walk around market eating the local Samosas and Kachori I head towards the bus stand to do an Auto (Tuk-Tuk) halfway Rishikesh and from there we do another Auto (Tuk-Tuk). Within an hour I am standing on the soil of Rishikesh. In between Rishikesh flows the Ganga River and on both sides of the river is the beautiful, colourful town.

Haridwar and Rishikesh tour

Rishikesh has always been among those places which will hold you back. In my first day of Rishikesh, I completed the sight-seeing tour and was sitting by the Ganga Ghat wondering what to do next. And you won’t believe I ended up staying there for a week doing nothing but enjoying and living. How strange it is, that the places where you think you don’t have anything to do, you end up living. And those are the places which remain in your heart.

How to Reach Rishikesh:
Delhi-Rishikesh: Direct Bus (INR400)
Delhi-Haridwar: Direct Bus (If you want to do Haridwar) (INR350)
Haridwar-Rishikesh: Auto (INR300)

My Way: I always take a train with a general pass without booking a ticket, go sit inside any coach and if the TT asks for a ticket, I ask him to cut one. If not, I reach Haridwar is INR90. (Only try at your own risk)

Where to stay in Rishikesh:
I always stay at Kamla Guest House, they have the best view with the Ganga river and sunset. The rooms are cheap and big.  (Sometimes an advance booking is required because it is mostly over-booked)
Also, I prefer staying after crossing the Laxman-Jhula because it is much peaceful and better there.

Haridwar and Rishikesh tour

Cheap Places to Eat:
Before crossing the Laxman Jhula, near Rishikesh taxi stand are local Dhabas which serve delicious Indian Thali’s (Indian Platter).
My favourite Café for breakfast: The Ganga View Café
My favourite evening café: The Little Buddha Café
My favourite evening snack & tea point is the local momo corner just before The Little Buddha Café

The total cost of the trip on twin sharing per person would be: INR6000 and depending on your expenses you can easily stay there for a week.




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