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Jammu and Kashmir

Heaven on earth: Kashmir Great Lakes


Hello Everyone, this is not a typical article where every travel company talks about a detailed itinerary, where to stay, how to travel, well Awara feet will present you this article in a quirky style. So, are you ready? 

Kashmir Greater Lake trek needs no introduction located in Kashmir Valley. Kashmir itself is a wonderful place and often called a paradise on earth. Perched at an elevation of 13000 feet and distance of 63km. If you are an adventure lover, Kashmir Great Lakes provides a lifetime experience with virgin beauty and tremendous silence of this place. It is 7 –9 days trek with moderate to challenging gradient. On reaching the destinations, the trekkers will cherish the moments because of the picturesque beauty of the barren snow-clad mountains and the lakes.

great lakes of kashmir

Sonamarg-Shikadi- Nichnai- Vishnusar-Gadsar Via Gadsar Pass- Satsar-Gangabal- Naranag

How to reach the Base Camp

Direct flights are available across the country which operates to Srinagar and then takes a taxi directly to Sonamarg.

great lakes of kashmir

Kafi European Set-Up:

We are not kidding; Kashmir Great Lakes will take your breath away. The trek is one of the most beautiful treks of India with a 70-degree panorama of wild, turquoise lakes, verdant meadows. To witness this charm, words and photographs fail to express the ethereal beauty, hence one should visit the place and experience the magnetism of Kashmir and the trek.

Landscapes like postcards where you bound to write poetry or Shayari:

Dreaming of faraway dreamy places

Where the trees bloom

and the sky leaves star trails

rivers and oceans sing to me


Where the night is the

Youngest in a moonlit night

I sleep to the songs of

Vault of Heaven

great lakes of kashmir

The view gets and better as you trek towards the lake surprising the trekkers. You would be really surprised, that every day is a postcard-perfect because of the stunning Olive-green meadows of Kashmir. The meadows running through valleys, sometimes you will find trails where it is descending towards the mountain streams and wide valleys where horses run and sheep graze.

The mesmerizing Alpine lakes and Passes:

The lakes and passes of Kashmir are untouched. The water of the lakes is a deep blue which adds on to the beauty. Once you get to the top of the pass the views are like Windows XP material. The glistering environment around will cheer your mood up especially the views of Gadsar Pass and Gadsar Valley. 

great lakes of kashmir

The Attractive campsites you will come across in Kashmir Greater Lakes:

The Twin lakes- (Vishansar, Kishansar), Satsar Meadows, Satsar Lake, Gadsar Pass, Gadsar Valley, Gangabal. You will be walking on the green bed of grass amidst the maples. The Kashmir Himalayas are an exception in terms of beauty, rocky barren lands, streams, innumerable meadows.  Adventurers will enjoy the nearby villages of Sonmarg and many other neighboring villages.  Every bit of nature is an eye-opener to the adrenaline junkies. You will be passing through Silver Birch trees and few shepherd huts which is yet again cherry on the top. Witness the small brooks running the meadows and watch the snowy peaks of small mountains. Reaching the lakes, you will be greeted with awe-inspiring glaciers, meadows especially Gadsar, Yasir Lake, Satsar Lakes. The trails are unique in their own way, where you will find wide valleys with four mountains. Each day is grandeur for the trekkers!!

great lakes of kashmir

I took the less road traveled by

Knocked upon by God's of heaven,

glaciers, wildflower streams passing by me;

Endless valleys and passes

awaits the cherry trees.

Someone told me about the endless mountain ranges

Where I would keep myself in hidden places.

Not too far along, I would be gone forever

It's that place"destiny is locked in the treasure"

Kashmir Greater Lakes - The gateway to heaven and virgin tranquility 

great lakes of kashmir


Finding paradise wherever I go. A visual story-teller, writer, film-maker, photographer and into Art. I m invincible and unstoppable.

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