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Himachal Pradesh

Smt. Nirmala Devi, Kasol: Human Story


It was a rainy cold evening in Kasol and I was waiting for the clock to strike 5 to board my bus to Delhi. Sat with friends had 2 sets of chai’s at Moondance cafe and when they left I went back to the Kasol main chowk at one shop where I had given shopkeeper to mend and add a few more things in my hand wax thread band. To my surprise, the shopkeeper was gone because of cold and rain but he knew I had the bus to the board today so he had given my band to an old woman of the house behind his shop.


Smt. Nirmala Devi, Kasol: Human Story

She recognized me from our small chit-chat in the morning, went inside the house and came back with my band. Within seconds she asked me if I would like to have tea with her and as much as I would have loved to enjoy tea with her I didn’t want her to go into the trouble of making tea since she was very old. I politely refused but told her to wait 5 minutes and I will be back.

Smt. Nirmala Devi, Kasol: Human Story

I came back with my backpack and she was still standing on the door waiting for me. I put my luggage down by her door side and we sat down outside her house to talk. She could make out from my accent that I was also from Himachal and we talked about our villages and people. When we were talking we realized both of us were from neighbor villages. Because I had refused tea with her she took out something wrapped in newspaper and gave it to me. She had packed snacks for my overnight journey. ♥

Smt. Nirmala Devi, Kasol: Human Story

I told her she reminded me of my grandmother. All memories of me and my grandmother came rushing back to me. How lovely are old people. They care endlessly for us, children. A few minutes back I was a stranger to her and a few minutes later I was her granddaughter.

When she was young she uses to work as a tailor in her village and everybody knew her for sewing clothes. She came from her village to Kasol when her husband expired at a very young age. She started working here to support her 3 children, 2 girls, and a boy.

Smt. Nirmala Devi, Kasol: Human Story

She had such a bright smile and a pure heart. Among my several trips to Kasol, she was the best person I happen to meet this time. My day was going gloomy and she had no idea how she just by talking to me brightened my day and I got positive inside my heart.
It’s so strange we meet people around us, old, young, lost, passionate… and they somehow just in few minutes of meeting change us a lot forever.

My bus came and it was time for me to bid her goodbye with a promise to meet again soon. While saying goodbye she asked me to tell my father that I met an old woman named Nirmala from Sujanpur village.

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How to reach Kasol:
Delhi-Kasol Bus INR1000

Sky view hotel: INR400

Places around to visit and stay:
Chalal, Choj to stay
Manikaran, hot water spring to visit.

Treks from around:

The total budget needed: INR 4000-5000 for 4 days.



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