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Lahaul And Spiti

4 Under-rated Villages of Lahaul: 6 Days/ 3500INR


Lahaul Valley: We have heard it so many times when we talk about Lahaul and Spiti. But the latter is very famous among travelers and adventurers. Lahaul valley is separated from Spiti Valley by Rohtang pass. You will be driving through slippery roads, rough weather, and dangerous curvy roads. Despite the challenging journey, Lahaul Valley will leave you in utmost surprise and you will be greeted by the fresh mountain air, enchanting glaciers, and rivers. A land of contrast on the Manali Leh route, Lahaul is a garland of scenic snowcapped mountains, villages, thriving valleys, exquisite grasslands, and fascinating Buddhist and Hindu Culture.


A small Hamlet in Lahaul Valley with verdant valleys and forested hillside, this lesser-known village will leave the travelers in awe because of the raw beauty scattered. Enjoy the long drive from Keylong to Udaipur watching the vivacious landscapes, rampant grasslands and thundering flow of Chandrabhaga river.

How to reach? - Firstly, you have to reach Keylong. Take a bus or a hire a taxi from Manali bus station – Manali- Keylong (Price 100-150Rs per person and taxi will cost you around 400Rs after bargaining (200 per person)

Take a bus from Keylong(District headquarters of Lahaul) to Udaipur from Keylong bus station. 

The bus leaves at around 11 am Bus fare- Rs75 per person.

Where to stay – There are plenty of homestays starting from Rs 300 a single room.

lahaul village spiti tourism

Trilokinath Temple

A holy place revered by Hindus and as well as Buddhists situated perched at an altitude of 2700m. The temple is 16km from Udaipur and is situated in the green valley with serene river Chandra Bhaga flowing by. There are Tibetan flags and Buddhist prayer wheels which marks the significance of this place. The temple was constructed in the 11th century and it stands at the end of the Trilokinath Village surrounded by snow mountains and pine forests and trees.

How to reach? Shared taxis and buses are available which will cost around Rs10-20 per person

Where to stay- There are plenty of homestays starting from Rs 300 a single room.

lahaul village spiti tourism

Pattan Valley

This is the area between Tandi and Udaipur. Tandi, a very well-known place for the confluence of Chandra river (Coming from Spiti) and Bhaga River (coming from Leh) (Chandrabhaga) - also known as Chenub. The Manali Leh highway is one of the scenic routes of India crossing Rohtang Pass where you will witness the prominent Ghepan peaks and Ladakhi peaks, endless grasslands and teeming meadows. The villages that are on the Pattan Valley- Thirot, Arat, Shasha.

How to reach?

Take a bus or hire a shared Taxi from Manali Bus Station - get down at the place where you wish to go- Say Thirot (Price 100-150Rs per person and taxi will cost you around Rs 400 after bargaining (200 per person)

 Where to Stay- There are plenty of homestays starting from Rs 300 a single room.

lahaul village spiti tourism

Miyar Valley-

Known as the Yosemite of Himalaya, it is part of the Lahaul, PirPanjal Range and Zanskar Range. The valley has spectacular landscapes and home to countless migratory birds, medicinal plants, herbs, sapphire, green glacial lakes along with vast pastures of wild flowered grasslands.

How to reach? Take a bus from Udaipur bus station – Udaipur to Khanjar around (Rs60-80) per person

Where to Stay- There are plenty of home stays starting from Rs 300 a single room.

lahaul village spiti tourism

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