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Meghalaya's best kept hidden Secrets



There are some places which leave you speechless. They are marvelous because of the rich culture and beautiful people. Nongriat is one of them, a hidden gem tucked away in the abode of clouds- Meghalaya. It is in Sohra(Cherrapunji) close to a village called Tyrna.  It is a lush green trek with more than 3500 steps somewhere close to 3.5km according to the locals. The trail passes through steep staircases and stupefying bridges. Not a cakewalk for everyone but as you make it to the top, everything is so ethereal. Once you start the trek from Tyrna Village, the beautiful scenic views start. A decent amount of fitness is required because there are steep and bending staircases and it will definitely hurt your knees. The walk on the bridge is meant for those who love extreme adventure. There are no trails as per the bridges are made of loose ends clustered together with wires and the whole thing sways dangerously.  Too much adrenaline rush isn’t it? The water body gushing underneath will definitely scare you.

While heading towards Nongriat, the path diverges. One goes to a single-decker living root bridge. If you are trekking on the main trail, you will reach a double-decker living Root Bridge. The path is well marked.

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Let’s talk about the trail. You will find the fragrance of cinnamon and bay leaves all through. There are insects and strange animals which adds to the background music and company. Everything is wild, vibrant and just surreal. Enjoy the enticing culture of Meghalaya.


Someone far across beneath the hills, feels my voice

Whoever it was , seems like a telepathy from another world

Years and years drowning in my memory of bygone days,

I whisper through the soft wind of the clouds ,

To connect the highest mountain embedded in my bosom,

Of valleys and passes, you collide into my mystic soul

Unbroken dreams and vibrant  fantasies alliance my muse and goals

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Time is taken to reach -  It’s a one day trek and takes 2 hours. You can reach early depending upon your fitness level.

 Stay – There are two guesthouses for stay purposes. One is Byron's Homestay and the other one is Nongriat Guest House.

Food – Do not expect lavish food. Everything is very simple out there. Rice, Dal Chawal, porridge, eggs, etc

Double Decker Living Root Bridges

A fancy term probably you have heard it for the first time. The root bridges are natural wonders made by mankind and have been here for years since time immemorial. Beyond the village, there is a region where people have their agricultural land and endless trails and forests. Root bridges hold significance importance of the tribal spirit of resilience.

Nongriat is a small village of the Khasi tribe. The tribe is an ethnic and Indigenous group of Meghalaya. They are diligent working folks and have a  matrilineal society. The place is so tranquil with a charismatic aura. The silence sips in your bones and makes you restless. This tiny Hamlet has unbelievable clear waterfalls. One can even hear the thundering sounds from the room in the dead of the night.

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Money – The entry fee to Double Living Room Bridge is INR5 and INR10 for Camera.

How to reach Nongriat

Take a taxi from Bara Bazar in Shillong.  The taxi will drop you till Sohra. Fare RS 70

From Sohra to Tyrna take a taxi. Fare RS 300. The bus also goes to Tyrna at around 9: AM.

A suggestion:  Drive to the cleanest village of Asia “ Mawlynnong” It is the most beautiful village you will come across, greenery sprawling everywhere. Flowers shimmer in the sun and the gentle breeze oozes out from the atmosphere passing through the village lanes. The residents have a habit of keeping the village clean and vow to pass this tradition to future generations. Even the children are taught to keep their surroundings clean. Besides being clean, the village is adorned with a variety of flowers. You will walk through the lanes which leave you to spell bounding. The feeling is very much similar to when you trekked through the most famous valleys of India situated in Uttarakhand that is 'Valley of Flowers'.

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Dawki: A hidden jewel of Meghalaya, Dawki is a picturesque town situated in Meghalaya known for its lush green hills, crystal clear water which stands at India’s border with Bangladesh. Located in the west of the Jaintia Hills, Dawki boosts for having crystal clear water where you can see the river bed of Umngot because of the clarity.ay

Places to stay in Dawki- There are hotels and homestays which are easily available.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading the blog. 




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