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Nagaland: The forgotten gem of Northeast India


The state of Nagaland is a beautiful and exotic place situated in the North East of India which is divided into eight districts- Dimapur, Kohima, Mokokchung, Mon, Phek, Tuesang, Wokha and Zunheboto. The fascinating thing about Nagaland is the tribal village life. This article will tell you about some of the off beat places of Nagaland . No it’s not about Kohima or Dimapur or Dzukou Valley, it’s about the colorful and unusual which the travelers are not used to seeing.

Nagaland has 16 major tribes which also shares a border with Myanmar. There are so many options to visit and the place is quite new to tourism, where the people are warm, curious and are open to new attracting tourists across the world.

  1. Khonoma

Home to the Angami tribe, it is located 20 kilometers from Kohima. The roads are extremely treacherous due to poor condition and maintenance, but any adrenaline junkie will love every moment of the journey. On the way, you will witness the green pastures of land and the calming vistas. The residents of Khonoma put a lot of emphasis on the wildlife conservation. They are traditionally independent for their food , have strong hunting practices and aim to live a eco friendly lifestyle.  Apart from the scenic beauty, you will also come across undulated valleys, sloping hillocks, terraced farms.

  1. Mokokchung

Mockokchung falls is in the urban centre of Nagaland after Dimapur and Kohima and is the home of Ao Naga. It is a popular tourist destination and even a single visit isn’t enough to have the wild experience of this place.

Well you would want to come again and again to admire such magnificent beauty. Imagine waking up every morning to the sceneries which are imaginably scintillating with daunting Rhododendrons atop the hillocks. It is one of the districts of Nagaland with many quaint villages like Longkhum, Langpangkong, Mopungcbukit and Chuchuyimlang. Agriculture is the main occupation of this area. Festivals attract the tourists across the world and enhance their experience.

  1. Phek
    Are you a nature enthusiast? Phek will give goose bumps as it set aparts from other villages of Nagaland. Garland with Rich flora and fauna, Phek is also blessed with stunning hills and they are – Kapamodz and Zanibou and the main rivers are Tizu, Kanye and Sedzu. Phek waterfall boasts for beautiful orchids and the colorful flowers. The Khezkhakeno tourist village and Shilloi Lake which should be in the bucket list because of the serene environment and offbeat destinations.

  1. The Easternmost part of Nagaland lies in the Tuensang district and is the largest district. Tuensang is flanked by the Myanmar on it’s right side. Amazing isn’t it? The feeling is so amazing when you get to witness another country with your naked eyes standing at your home ground. It is again another tourist destination along with Dimapur, Kohima and Mokokchung. These are the top places to explore– Longtrok, Noklak, Changasangmonko, Tsadangetc

  1. MON

Home to Konyaknagas, Mon is an off beat place where it charms the tourists with an exotic and mesmerizing view of tattooed faces wearing feathery loincloths.The district is embellished with lush scenic beauty with arduous terrain and steep slopes. The culture is very rich and the most interesting aspect of this town is the residents have their colorful dressing. There are numerous places to see within the district. One of them is Veda Peak. It is 70km away from Mon and near Mon there is the waterfall which is considered to be very pristine and untouched. Among the villages that are worth visiting are Chui, Longwa, Shagynu and Navanimora.

      6. Touphema Village
Perched at a verdant hillock, the Touphema Village is a small hamlet in Nagaland and has a collection of small huts decorated in traditional Naga design. This gives a feeling of Naga vibe to the tourists living in the tribal house. It is quite an exquisite experience where the villagers teach you so much about their lifestyle, the kind of food they eat, music, traditional Naga folk tales. So far it hasn’t gained popularity and is considered underrated.


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