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Celebrate Holi Festival in Pushkar at 3000INR for 5 Days



Delhi: 4:00PM
All I knew was I have to reach Pushkar for Holi. But how?

Sitting in the park of Delhi with my backpack a day before Holi, I realized it was too late to book anything to reach Pushkar. From buses to cars to hotel everything was packed. And along with me came the responsibility of 3 people who were completely relying on me to reach there. STRESS STRESS STRESS!


As we reached Pushkar I could already see the madness of holi and hear beats of music playing somewhere far. There were few cafes open, people, sitting outside chilling, singing, dancing. We decided to drop our luggage at a friend’s hotel to take a walk around the street and see if something great is happening. And we were right!

holi festival in pushkar

In the morning I woke up to the rhythm of music and people around me in the room already dressed up in white kurtas, giggling, shouting among themselves ‘Holi Mubarak’, ‘App Kese Ho??’. Well, I was not ready, so wait till the queen wears her Kurta (JK).

As we walked out of the hotel, 10 steps and a group of people already had our faces in their hands applying colorful powder and in few seconds from plain white, we were all colored from head to toe, as they shouted, ‘Holiiiiiii haaaiiii!‘. We looked at each other's faces covered in hues of colors, laughed at each other and started dancing on the beats of Dhol, ‘O Holi Khele Raghuveera, Avadh Mein, Hori Khele Raghuveera‘.

holi festival in pushkar

Holi is India’s one of the most colorful and joyous festival where people gather in streets to celebrate the start of spring and bid goodbye to winters. They throw colors, dance on beats of nagada (drums) and distribute sweets among each other to show love. They celebrate the victory of good over bad.

holi festival in pushkar

Special warning for men: 
Don’t feel offended if your shirt or kurta is ripped. It’s part of the color battle sometimes and very common for people to do it to you.

celebraing holi in pushkar

pushkar holi festival

enjoying holi at pushkar

Women playing Holi in their neighborhood instead of entering the busy festival in the street.

pushkar holi festival celebration


How to reach Pushkar when everything is booked?

Do a private taxi till Pushkar. Cost: 5500INR. Up to 4 People. Duration: 7 Hours


Divide your journey into 3 parts:
Delhi – Jaipur
Option 1:
There are shared taxi’s running from IFFCO Chowk till Jaipur, Purani Chungi.
Cost: 500INR/person. Duration: 4 hours max.

Option 2:
Board RSRTC bus from Delhi to Jaipur.
Cost: 250INR. Duration: 6 hours max

Jaipur – Ajmer
Again board RSRTC bus.
Cost: 130INR. Duration: 2 hours max

Ajmer – Pushkar
You can do an Uber.
Cost: 400 INR. Duration: 45 minutes max

holi festival in pushkar


For the first night, we crashed into a friends room on the Sofa. For the other nights, we were lucky enough to get a stay at a local’s house.
Be sure to arrange your stay during a festive season otherwise you may also end up sleeping on the street (which can also a great experience but just for one day).

holi festival in pushkar

Can Holi be risky for girls?
Yes. It can be. You have to be thick skin when you enter the festival and carry some self-defense with you like pepper spray or multi-purpose jewelry which you can quickly turn into a weapon to protect yourself.
Avoid taking drinks or water from strangers.

holi festival in pushkar

My strong advice to the lovely ladies, do not hold yourself back because I know you are strong enough to deal with the eve-teasers (Maybe teach them a lesson or two).




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