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Sandakphu Phalut Trek: World’s Tallest Mountains


Darjeeling tourist places: A spell bounding trek located in the North West of Darjeeling at an altitude of 11,900ft, Sandakphu is the highest peak in the West Bengal State. Believe it or not, you will get to see the world’s highest mountains- Mt Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, and Mt Lhotse. The stunning display of landscapes and sceneries, Sadankphu tops the chart in most of the trekkers and Adventurer’s list. You will be walking amidst the beautiful forests of blooming rhododendrons, alpine trees, pine and oaks and a variety of amazing orchids. Let us tell you a great fact about Sadankphu: It belongs to the Singalila range and Singalila National Park. Your heart will skip a beat once you step your foot in this scenic national park. The park is home to many animals, medicinal plants, birds and wildflowers. It is considered one of the best treks of Eastern Part of India which is very close to the Sikkim border.

The trek boasts for the magnificent views of the Kanchenjunga range also known as the “Sleeping Budhha”. It’s meant for beginners as well as for the experienced trekkers who are nature enthusiasts. The name Sandankphu means “Height of the Poison Plants”. This name has been given because of the abundance of venomous aconite plans growing here and Sandankphu being the point of Darjeeling hills where such plans grow here.

How to reach the Base Camp?

Jaubhari- Tumling- Kalipokhri- Sandankphu- Sabargram- Gorkey via Phalut- Sepi

You will be starting the trek from Jaubhari which is approximately 5 hours drive from New Jalpaiguri(NJP) which is the closest railway station. If you are traveling by air, then the closest Airport is Bagdogra. The roads of Sadankphu are easily accessible.

On the first day, you will be arriving at Jaubhari. To reach Jaubhari, the nearest and closest railway station is NJP and the closest airport is Bagdogra. Time taken to reach Jaubhari is approximately around 5 hours from NJP/ Bagdogra. You will be staying at Jaubhara.

The Adventure day starts on the second day that is the trek to Tumling. It is on the India-Nepal Border. The trail has some steep ascents with flat sections. There is an abundance of wildflowers, muddy sections on the way. The spectacular views from the Chittrey Monastery are so overwhelming. If you don’t know, you can see the India-Nepal Border from Chitrey. You will be crossing the beautiful quaint village on the way especially Lamaydhura which is 3km from Chitrey. The trail of Sandankphu is a postcard-perfect.

On the third day, wake up to a beautiful morning and watch the sunrise over the Kanchenjunga range of peaks. As you keep treading you will come across the Singalila National Park. The park is adorned with beautiful wildflowers, scintillating grasslands. The view is stunning as you get to see bewildering Himalayan Peaks. The trek is for 13 km of steep terrain. The places where you will be passing through are Gairibas, Kaiyakatta and then Kalipokhri. Kalipokhri is around 4k from Kaiyakatta. It is a black lake which is on the Nepal India Border. Enjoy the tranquility around the lake, one cannot stop gushing about the landscapes, meadows, and valleys.

They say the real Adventurer is the one who dares enough to walk through rough trails. This trek is full of surprises on the fourth day. Gawk at the snow-clad peaks and witness some of the enticing views of the Himalayas. From Kalipokhri, the trail eventually ascends to Bikhey bhanjang which is a tiny Hamlet. The panoramic view from Sandankphu is one of the classic and best views including the four highest mountains in the world-Mt Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, along with Chomolhari, Pandim, Three sisters, Kumbhakarna, etc.

The next day’s trek is a treat to the eyes. It will be a long day covering almost 15Km in 8 hours from Sandankphu to Sabargram. Walkthrough Rhododendron forests, Oak trees, and wildflowers. In April and May, it is in full bloom. The Adventure almost ends here on the fifth day. It is mostly a descent trail i.e. from Sabargramto Gorkhey via Phalut. Watch out for the gorgeous views of Kanchenjunga on the left. A perfect spot for the photographers.

After a few hours, you will be welcomed by Sikkim, after crossing Gorkhe river.

It’s hard to say goodbye to the beautiful times spent in the Himalayas. Blessed are the people who come and visit the Himalayas and is stunned by the magnanimity. There are two places where the trekkers will come across i.e. Sammamden and Ramman villages. The final leg is the walk to Sepi. The Sandankphu trek is a tailor-made the trek for the Adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. It is the perfect trek for those who want to have some grand adventure for the first time.

May the wind capture your soul,

May the journey enlighten the hidden doors

Sometimes I feel, my dreams aren't too far away from me

For I have been chasing them lonely… Unbroken roads, uncertain treads make me question about life?

But my dear friend wanders around the world and rise

The heart stopped while gazing at the views of Mt Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Everest and Makalu, Thanks to Sandankphu…

It is just more than a trekking to heaven and beyond heaven.

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