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40 Days, 30,000INR : Northeast India & Nepal


The 40 day long journey in 30,000INR begins from Jorhat, Assam from where I head to Majuli Island: World's biggest river Island. From there I head to Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro Valley where I visit Apatani Tribe in Hong Village. On my way to Sikkim we cross through Guwahati and spend 1 day there. In Sikkim I visited Namchi Tribe and East, West Sikkim including Ravangla, Pelling, Gangtok, Yumthang, Rumtek and Temi-Tea Garden. From Sikkim we cross India-Nepal border and visit Nepal for 1 week.

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I was sitting in Kathmandu writing this piece of article for you guys at Pumpernickel bakery with a cup of coffee, pen, and diary, I feel nostalgic writing about my trip so far.

I still remember my first day when I had landed in Jorhat completely clueless. With a backpack over my shoulder, I went looking for the concerned authority or person to guide me. I had the option of booking a private taxi but it was too expensive!

My struggle continued in a place where people neither speak proper Hindi nor English.


Majuli River Island: 3500INR/ 4 Days

I crossed the Brahmaputra on the ferry to reach the island: Majuli. I got ferry to Majuli from Neemati Ghat. I stayed in Majuli for 3 days and it went a little out of budget to stay in a bamboo hut. I roamed around in Majuli on a bicycle because transportation was expensive and not easily available. The village has beautiful bicycle trails. Almost every house in Island had huge fields for agriculture and pisciculture inside every home. A foodies’ paradise who loves fish cuisines. I stayed near the Mishing Tribe basti which is the second largest tribal community in North-East. They will welcome you with open arms and Cha! (Chai)

Apart from visiting the Mishing Tribe don’t miss out on the Satra’s (Monasteries) of Majuli. Sadly I managed to visit only 4 of them:

  1. Auniati Satra: Famous for Apsara dance and Paalnaam dance
  2. Kalamkari Satra: Famous for the unique history and shopper’s paradise.
  3. Samagrai Satra: It’s known for the art of mask making. (My personal favorite)
  4. Dakshinpat Satra: It was chief Satra patronized by Ahom king.

The best mode of Transportation: Rented bicycle or Shared taxi’s which operate till 4:00 pm
Touring Time: Between 6:00am to 5:00pm
Nearest Airport: Jorhat, Assam
Must-try dish: Pamnam (Baked fish in banana leaf)
Do Taste: Beetle leaf as mouth freshener (can be a little bitter).
Why a disappearing world? Because every year, the river swells and eats away large portions of land from the island.
Bamboo Home-stay: The River view bamboo cottage
Approx cost of bamboo home-stays: 500/night
The estimated cost of trip: INR3,500 (3 days)


Arunachal Pradesh: 4000INR/ 4 Days

Picture a meadow surrounded by huge mountains on either side of it. Running through the center is a dreamy stream, the sky-punching mountains soar up in the background and a few wooden houses inhabited by tribes. Now that’s what Siiro village is about. I had never in my life thought about how beautiful north-east can be. You have to be a wild wanderer here.

The beautiful valley is the perfect place to lay on the grass, spend quality time with friends or perhaps read a book. It’s a self-sustainable village with people living in harmony with nature. This place has a lot to offer to people who are seeking beautiful unexplored regions in India. The valley has plenty of walking and biking trails. Renting a bicycle is the best way to travel here and explore from one Basti (village) to another.

A Must visit…
India’s First Kiwi wine Factory

I entered Hong Village home to Apatani Tribe and came across many women with nose plugs and a tattoo on their face. 
To know about it more click the here. 

How I Reached Ziro Valley: Took sharing taxi from North Lakhimpur (INR300) till Hapoli Village (New Ziro).

Stayed in Siiro Village with a Local: 500/Day
You can also try Hibu Tatu’s homestay which is the most famous with a friendly environment. At my time it was booked.
Tip: Book it in advance.

Trek to take: Talley Valley is a four-day trek into the wilderness for people who seek adventure. A guide is recommended since it is less traveled by people and does carry your own food and tent.

Guwahati: 1500/4 Days

Before continuing to Sikkim, I took 2 days rest in Guwahati. It was during New Years when I made it to Guwahati and did couch-surfing while in Guwahati. Trust me I have had so much fun couch-surfing in Guwahati and have celebrated one of my best New-Years of life with the hosts. They took care of my food, stay and showed me around the city.  With the host I also did a logn drive to Meghalaya for a day. Beautiful!

Sikkim: 10,000INR/12 Days

I covered Ravangla, Yumthang, Rumtek, Gangtok, Temi-Tea Garden in Sikkim. 

New people, a new language, bumpy road rides, friendly locals, sunsets early, very less (almost no) transportation and a few notorious people. I was almost on the verge of ending my trip when a fellow traveler friend of mine wrote to me, ‘These places either put a bullet in your head or welcome you’. Succeeding each hurdle day after day and place after place. I have traveled a lot of places but the sense of achievement which I felt here I have not felt that anywhere else.

Temi-Tea Garden: What was I doing in an estate full of tea plantation when in the first place I’m not even a tea lover? My father is a tea lover and he enjoys drinking tea of various varieties from various states. Hence, TEA can be the perfect gift for him! While I was searching in shops of Gangtok to buy one for him, I heard from a local that Sikkim has World’s best tea estate: Temi-Tea. And I happen to be in Sikkim!

Gangtok- Couchsurfing, 4 Days
Ravangla: 500/day 2 Days
Yumthang: 400/day 2 Days
Rumtek: 700/day 2 Days

Transportation: 3000, 10 days. Only did shared taxi & buses to every place I was visiting. 

Nepal: 11,000INR/10 Days

For the people who think my travel life is easy and I don’t have to go through the family drama of asking my parents and waiting for their approval, I would like to tell them, No! Just like you all, I’m no exception. The only difference is why I still end up at the place I have decided is because no matter what I’m adamant in my mind to be there where I have decided in my head. Not to mention the number of times I have been kicked out of the house (joking). Hahaha but it is fun, life would be boring if it will lack drama. Don’t you think?

In Nepal I became a lazy sloth and only traveled to Bhaktapur & Kathmandu. I got so much involved in Kathmandu's Cafe life I couldn't escape it.

Kathmandu: 400/Day, 5 Days
Bhaktapur: 200/Day, 4 Days

Transportation: Traveled by bus to all places. 1000INR 


Be Awara, Keep Traveling <3


Nothing can stop me and nothing can ever hold me down: Wanderer, Free spirit, Belongs to no man and no city.&nbsp;

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