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Spiti Valley Trip

Do you know about this unmapped village in Spiti Valley ?


Rishikesh, Chopta, Tugnath, Chandrashilla Peak and  Deoriatal

Sometimes we think of the mountains as the most powerful and spiritual place that exists in the Universe, especially when it comes to the Himalayas. Somewhere in the middle of the year 2019, I intend to visit the remotest place in the Western Himalayas: a place called as the middle land and also as the lesser-known cousin of Ladakh: Spiti Valley. A sparsely populated area, where the place would charm you in every way and take your breath away. From the people, the villages, the culture, Spiti tops the chart in terms of landscapes and the overall ethereal beauty for every traveler, trekkers, and adventurers. Even though I have been to this place twice in 2017, but this year’s exploration of the middle land was something very different. Driving through the treacherous routes invoked me a mysterious kind of adrenaline rush which was soaring up so high as I decided to go outskirts of the capital town Kaza (District headquarters of Spiti). This place is usually crowded and you will see a lot of backpackers, travelers and tourists, well I was one of them but the second day I went to do something else. The aura in Spiti was brimming with the strong sun directly hitting my face, my lungs chocked for a while because of scarce oxygen but I couldn’t stop gushing the enchanting landscapes. With a few kilometers ahead of Kaza, I trekked to the banks of the Spiti River where too many tributaries are formed. The few of the names are Ghundi, Rohtang, Sumra, Lingti, Poh, Shila. Etc.

Rishikesh, Chopta, Tugnath, Chandrashilla Peak and  Deoriatal

I sat near the banks and listened to the cold Himalayan winds whispering me about the nearby peaks of the Lahaul and Spiti range. And it was that particular moment I snapped a picture of vast grasslands furnished with lush meadow and tall green trees. There is something about that place where every person who has visited left their heart in this place. Maybe a spiritual calling? During the dusk, I stood at the top of Monastery called the Key Monastery which is 14km from the capital town Kaza and witnessed this grand pasture of land embellished with green and olive color, sun stroking on this grandeur view with the composition of the starkly dark desolated valley.Rishikesh, Chopta, Tugnath, Chandrashilla Peak and  Deoriatal

It was a fairytale evening where God must have sent at the spur of the moment only to witness the jaw-dropping view not to capture with a photo lens but with your own eyes. There are memories which are not static and it serves as itinerant as a means of communication with beauty. When years have passed by, these memories of valleys, the people, the landscapes, the children will be cherished and develop an inner vision that will obliterate all thoughts that sad or evil. While going back to Kaza I scribbled down my thoughts:

Dreaming wide awake amidst the azure sky,

Far across the alley

Counting moments and evocations,

Trees talking and birds chirping;

Water splashing down the rivers and glaciers;

Autumn and spring echoed in my ears.

Beholding the first twinkling of the star in a starry night;

Made me wish about the dream I want;

During the twilight I open my eyes;

The lost mountain ranges made me feel alive


Episode 2 

Rishikesh, Chopta, Tugnath, Chandrashilla Peak and  Deoriatal

Pin Valley is another yet charming valley located in Spiti where I decided to do off-roading. The wind gushing and hearing the prayers of the Buddhist monks made me feel elated inside. The only reason was because of the peaceful aura and tranquility around me. Far away from city life, you are in the middle of the place where the barren landscapes have appealed you and your eyes can’t stop drooling over the confluence of many rivers in Spiti. There are these Twin villages of Pin Valley known as Tangti Yoga and Tangti Yogma that have caught my attention. One will get to witness some of the best sceneries which is an eye-opener for every adrenaline junkie. There were moments, where even the time stopped as if we were on the verge of reaching the event horizon of Black Hole, because of the composure of the landscapes. Our eyes were glued, I got goosebumps. We were infinite then. The turquoise blue Pin River was passing through the two valleys while the Sun-soaked and the sky turned rad. This particular scene was spotted at a village called Ka, Phukchung. I headed back home taking a lot of recollections of Spiti. While taking the window seat, I was contemplating: 

Rishikesh, Chopta, Tugnath, Chandrashilla Peak and  DeoriatalMaybe one day we will know who we are; 

For the dreams, we aspire 

Not to forget we have been chasing since the time immemorial 

How do we identify ourselves? 

Is it with the dreams or is it me; 

Because dreams don’t turn into dust. 

The roads will keep unfolding; 

It's your choice to choose the bridleway 

Not that people will decide for me. 

I have come along the way to know the unknown labyrinth alleyway. 

The pavements I have walked upon 

Embedded with magic; 

Spread across the Universe and galactic 

I am here forever somewhere in the middle  

Of infinity yearning every day to hunt my

Hopes and wishes :)

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