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The holiest city of India:Varanasi tourism 4000INR/5Days


When I reached Varanasi my first reaction was, ‘This city is Crazy’. It certainly isn’t a place for a faint heart.  I reached Varanasi in the evening in the month of August, immediately after checking in my hotel I went looking for Assi Ghat. Assi Ghat was the place I wanted to start my journey with, I had heard from people that many evenings, travelers would gather in that ghat and play music while watching the sun go down and boats rowing in the river. One of my favorite sites I would not like to miss.

varanasi tourism

The next day I woke up and went to the streets. There was literally everybody on the street from people, vehicles, cows to monkeys, the street was full. My agenda for the day was to visit the ghat where dead bodies are burnt in the river and there is an open electric crematorium. It was Manikarnika Ghat. I sat there for half an hour and witnessed the rituals.


In the evening I wanted to watch the famous Ganga Aarti which is held at Dashashwamedh Ghat every evening. Well, the Aarti was great but the interesting part was I literally had a crush on one of the Guru doing aarti, Wow!

The other day I managed to visit the Aghori Baba temple who is famous for eating leftovers of the dead human body and black magic. I also visited the Muslim colony and cloth colony, where clothes are made inside the house with huge machinery. All of it I managed to see because I made a local friend who took me to these local hidden areas.

I stayed 5 Days in Varanasi and honestly Varanasi got to me. It got me thinking so much about human life. There were days my eyes turned wet seeing the intensity of this place. I saw people coming to their hope for liberation. It was a magical place.

 Below are the details of how I managed to stay in Varanasi by spending just INR4000 for 5Days including transportation, stay and food.

INR 4000/-, 5 Days :

Stay: Elvis guesthouse, 500INR/Day

Food: Street food, Delicious and healthy, 200-300/Day (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner)

Transportation: Bus, 900INR Delhi – Varanasi, 900INR Varanasi – Delhi

My favorite photo from Assi Ghat.


Love ♥

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