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Last Tribes of India : Nagaland Tourism

Price: 25000.00

Awara Feet Proffer: Photo-Walk Tour

The trip showcases the richness of Naga tribes, Nagaland Tourism is also famous for its well-knit cohesive society living by ancient terms in contemporary life. We are going to live with some of the most indigenous tribes of India.

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All about the "Last Tribes of India : Nagaland Tourism"

Nagaland Tourism: Have you ever wondered to live a life of the tribe, how they do their day to day activities, what is their origin, their history and what are they famous for? If yes, this trip is for you. We are going to live with some of the most indigenous tribes of India who in past was famous for hunting heads, the tribes who made stone caves for hunting with spears, we witness their colorful distinct culture and traditions, at night we sit by the bonfire to know ancient stories and folklore. The trip showcases the richness of Naga traditions, a well-knit cohesive society living by ancient terms in contemporary life. A tribal life, which travelers are not used to seeing in the fast-changing modern world.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?
Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Jorhat-Jorhat Drive

3 meals a Day except on first day only dinner is included

Local Beer Tasting

Accomodation (Double occupancy)


Whats not included in this tour.
Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

Extra expenses done by travellers

Medical emergency expenses

Flights/Train Ticket to/from Jorhat

Expenses which are not mentioned in the Itinerary

Awara Day 1 : Jorhat

All Awaras would be greeted by the trip representative and photographer with a cup of fresh Tea. Over dinner at night, we raise a toast to adventures coming ahead and get to know each other.
Dinner included. Welcome aboard all AWARAS to Nagaland Tourism!

Awara Day 2: Jorhat to Kohima

After having interactive breakfast with fellow travelers everyone would be driven to Kohima. Kohima is the hilly capital of Nagaland surrounded by forested ridges. Do you know, Nagas were the only tribe who were not conquered by Britishers. On reaching Kohima every traveler would be greeted with a Glass of Wine at the hotel to relax from the tiring journey and take in the flavor of local wine as a part of Nagaland tourism.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Tourism in nagaland
Kohima mountain range at night is breath-taking.
Awara Day 3: Kohima to Touphema

In the morning, all Awaras are free to go and sight-see the beautiful Kohima village and enjoy a cup of freshly roasted coffee in front of the mountain view. Kohima has beautiful hills with colorful sunrises.
10km from Kohima is Naga Heritage Village where one can go and photograph traditional Naga houses and Morungs (young people’s dormitories).  Later, the drive for Touphema village will start. Touphema has traditional Angami wooden houses and people of Angami are famous for their hospitality. On reaching Touphema, Awaras can also go around have a stroll in paddy fields. In the evening all Awaras would be greeted by Naga Folk Music and Dance in the hotel followed by dinner.

Must try Café in Kohima: D/café and Café Samsara.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

travel to nagaland and witness angami wooden houses and enjoy tourism
Traditional Angami wooden houses
Awara Day 4: Touphema-Wokha-Mokokchung

Today all Awaras would be heading towards Mokokchung famous for Ao Tribe. On way to Mokokchung, we would be stopping at Longsa Village for filming/photographing Lotha Tribe and sharing lunch and chit-chat with them. After Longsa, the drive will further continue for Longkhim Village for world-famous Ao Tribe. All Awaras would be sight-seeing, filming/photographing the culture of Ao Tribe, their lifestyle and unique houses, village rise mill, etc…

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Tourism in nagaland- human skulls
The Ao tribal showcasing collection of hunted heads by family
Awara Day 5: Mokokchung

An excursion to Mopungchuket Village would be organized followed by a visit to Longkhum to witness Doyang Lake and walk on stone bridges. Each house in Mopungchuket village faces beautiful lush green chains of mountains, these mountains are famous for changing their color on sunrise and sunsets.

 Mopungchunet village has an old tale of Jina and Etiben, the Ao version of Romeo and Juliet. Ao Tribe hosts a colorful festival in the month of May known as the Moatsu Festival. Today every Awara would be let free to photo-walk and explore the town on their own, interact with locals to learn about their folk stories and tradition. One can see elderly villagers with face tattoos. Mokochung town was the first town established by Britishers and is famous for art and folklores. In the evening all of the Awaras can gather together to watch the sunset while the photographer looks into photos taken by each traveler and further guiding them. 

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

greenery in nagaland, tourism in india
Lush green chain of mountains at Mokokchung village
Awara Day 6: Mokokchung to Tuensang

Today we en-route to mystical Longkhum Village of ‘Sangtam Tribe’ to witness Doyang Lake and Longlangba, a stone bridge passing through the rhododendron woods. In Nagaland tourism, You can still witness rocks with holes used to hold spears as warning signs for an enemy that they will be killed and their head taken off if they try to cross over. In the forest, you can also witness footprints of Jina and Etiben (Ao Romeo and Juliet) and below the bridge lies ‘Tekulem Long’ (worship stones), where people in ancient days used to make sacrifices and to the stone god and worship it. Longkhum Village is the highest altitude village of Ao Tribe and is called the ‘vegetable capital’ of Nagaland. Longkhum village is also famous for 'Fosen Ki' which means stone caves. If time will permit a visit to waterfall Tsumeya Tsuin would be done. We will have our lunch with tribal locals of Longkhum serving traditionally made local cuisines and rice beer called ‘Mejemtsu’ which is one of the finest beer made by Longkhum Villagers.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

nagaland tourism- face tattoos
Konyak tribes are known for their face tattoos which depicts the no. of human heads hunted
Awara Day 7: Tuensang-Mon

Awaras will head to explore Cham Tribe of Tuensang village. Tuensang is known as Mini-Nagaland with various tribes living together in harmony bordering Myanmar. Tuensang is the highest peak of Nagaland called Mount Saramati. The following tribes can be found in Tuensang: Chang, Khiamniungan, Sangtam, Yimchunger, and Phom. Interact with locals and know about their colorful traditions while having a photo-walk tour in the village area.
After exploring Tuensang, the drive will continue to Mon Village.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

nagaland tourism packages
The colorful traditions of Nagaland
Awara Day 8 & 9: Mon: Land of Konyak Head-Hunters

Mon is one of the most remote villages of north-east India, inhabited by the fierce Head-Hunting Tribe called Konyak, warriors with a tattooed face, lion clothes, gun-making skills, and wood-carving. This village is situated on the border of Indo-Myanmar. One can visit nearby villages: Hongphoi, Wangla and Old Mon for taking traditional tribe photos and witness lifestyle, tribal arts and crafts. A visit to the Chief’s house of Konyak Tribe would be organized. Chief’s house is famous for the location it shares, half of his house lies in India and half in Myanmar. The chief is said to have dozens of wives! His house is a sight of various animal skulls hung on the wall as trophies. Sometimes in evening villagers gather in Chief’s house for making bamboo crafts and having a discussion. Konyak houses are traditionally made with palm leaves and jutted pillars. One can have a walk around Lungwa Village which falls in Myanmar and enjoy families' rich history and culture. Lungwa village has a market for shopping tribal products, metal crafts, and ornaments. One can explore the country-side and walk through farms to witness Jhum cultivation. One can also have the traditional tattoo done by Konyak tribes.

Last night, we will celebrate the completion of the trip and say goodbye to beautiful connections made in the journey with a promise to meet again on some other adventure.

Must-Do: Traditional Hand-pokingTribal Tattoo by Konyak
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

nagaland tourism itinerary
The last surviving Head-Hunters
Awara Day 10: Mon to Jorhat

After having breakfast, we will say goodbye to this beautiful village Mon and head towards Jorhat for our last night. We will arrive at Jorhat by afternoon. 

Please note: ILP will be required by each traveler which will be provided by us after submission of ID proof in Nagaland Tourism.

‘Our life is to travel, to travel is to live’
Awara Feet

nagaland tourism itinerary and package
Land of the diverse misty mountains
Will I get vegetarian food in Nagaland?

Yes, you will get vegetarian food in Nagaland. North-east of India is vast in culture with communities of group purely vegetarian so much so that they do not even take onion in their food. It is true that most parts of north-east including Nagaland are pre-dominantly non vegetarians with mostly red meat-based preparations. But after opening their doors to tourism, most places have options to choose from veg and non-veg.

Will I need Inner Line Permit (ILP) for Nagaland?

Yes, for visiting parts of Nagaland ILP is needed and will be taken care of.

Can I extend my days of booking?

Yes. Your days of booking can be extended based on availability and extra charges.

6 Reviews

Shweta Gupta
Shweta Gupta,
This is the first time in a tour I experienced that they organised 1 hour everyday painting classes free of cost. I was a beginner and mixing it with Naga tribe was a perfect combo. We stayed with locals, got to know their lifestyle and the food offered was traditional Nagaland food. The head-hunters tribe is the best part of this trip. I'm going to rate them 10/10, if someone is looking to travel differently, they have to travel with Awara Feet. Way to go guys!!!!

Nitesh, Chandigarh
I did this trip with my sister and brother, we were shocked to see tribes of Nagaland. We visited house of head-hunters and they had human skulls hanging on walls. I also learned photography during my trip since they had a professional photographer giving sessions to learn. I have no complaints. Good job done guys!!

Divya, Chandigarh
I went on tour with a group of 3 friends. We were living among the tribes watching their lifestyle and the unique houses and traditions they share. I was not carrying a camera so they lent me a camera to learn photography. We were lucky to meet the chief of head hunters. We will travel with them again for sure. We felt safe during entire trip and accommodations were arranged nicely.

Abhinav, Kerala
I always wanted to visit Nagaland but heard from people that it is dangerous. Trust me, I was there and I never for a second felt like that. Infact, Nagaland has beautiful landscapes to explore and everyday seeing different tribes, interacting and living with them was awesome. I am an amateur photographer and the pictures I took there have added to my portfolio.

Manya Sharda
Manya Sharda, Kolkata
Our tour guide Angat had good knowledge about Nagaland and he made us enjoy the tour. He made us visit locals and also translated what they were saying to us. I enjoyed walking through forest and beautiful landscapes. We had photo-walks organised by Nitin who taught us photography on the way.

Vaishali, Tamil Nadu
This was my second trip with Awara Feet, I have always trusted them and they organise trips to offbeat places. I like the fact they make sure they are having mini cleaniness drives in trips. Nagaland was always on my to-travel list and exploring the tribes of Nagaland was unique experience.

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