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Tri-junction Border North east Bike trip & Hike: Dong, Arunachal Pradesh

Price: 29000.00
Pillion: 27000.00

Awara Feet Proffer: Capoeira Martial Arts

How often do we get a chance to be at tri-junction border: India, China & Myanmar, the land of the rising sun: Dong. Get your gears ready for the north east bike trip close to borders filled with beautiful neon pastures etc

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All about the "Tri-junction Border North east Bike trip & Hike: Dong, Arunachal Pradesh"

Have you sometimes wished what it’s like to get the first rays of the sun while the rest of the people in the country is sleeping and it is still dark? Every country has this one spot and in India, this Spot is Dong, Walong. Now, how often when traveling we get a chance to be close to the tri-junction border: India, China, and Myanmar. We will ride up to the last village of the India-China border, Kaho in Kibithu. This trip is all about riding in the easternmost parts of India, close to borders filled with beautiful neon pastures, mesmerizing waterfalls, and glittering rivulets. We are going to ride through some of the untouched parts, splendid stories of nature being preserved inside forests. We would feel like we have gone back in time with almost no connection and no modern technologies as we ride from Arunachal to Assam.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?
Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Accomodation, Meals as mentioned in itinerary

500cc Enfield Bullet rental motorcycle with E. Starter and 5 speed left side shifted gear box

Fuel included

Motor oil and other lubricants for the bikes

Support vehicle for baggage as well as spare parts and tools for the motorcycles

First-aid kit containing adequate stocks of the most frequently-needed medicines

Professional motorbike mechanics with a basic command of English in the support vehicle. They can also act as spare rider

Admission fees (not including camera and video fees)

Road and bridge tolls

Fees for temporary driving permission, special road permits

Whats not included in this tour.
Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

Drinks, soft drinks and coffee breaks

Travel health and accident insurance and the "holiday cancellation"- insurance

Optional activities not included in the itinerary

Personal expenses, tips, etc.

Awara Day 1: Tezu, Arunachal Pradesh

Tezu is called the land of valleys and beautiful rivers. Tezu in ancient times was inhabited by Mishmi Tribe which we may still spot once we are at Tezu. All awara travelers will be transported from Tezu airport/Railway station to the hotel, the test drive of bike would be done by travelers today. If time permits, we would be visiting the famous Glow Lake. At night over dinner is going to be a meet-up session where all travelers will get to know other fellow travelers. Welcome aboard AWARAS!

Dinner included

north east bike trip
The famous Glow Lake.
Awara Day 2: Tezu-Hayuliang

As we ride from Tezu to Hayuliang, the hills start and Lohiat River gives us company on our ride until we reach the north-eastern border between India and China. It is going to be a challenging ride today for few kilometers but the ride is worth it as we pass through some of the most scenic views. Huyuliang means ‘a place of my liquor’, so get ready to be surprised with some local liquors.

Ride hours: 4 Hours/102 Kms  
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

north east bike trip
Awara Day 3: Hayuliang to Hawai

Hawai is next to the Lohiat River and is the headquarter of Anjaw District. Drift into a Utopian bliss as we drive amidst the little hamlets enveloped in clouds and mist. The rest of the day is at pleasure as we get to know the life of locals and walk around the beautiful forest areas.

Ride hours: 2 Hours/ 56.5 Kms
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

north east bike trip
Awara Day 4: Hawai to Walong

Today on way to Walong, we are going to come across lots of hanging bridges, over a few we will experience crossing-over. These bridges are very Narrow and start swinging in the slightest of wind, a thrilling experience! Walong offers lots of side-valleys like Helmet Top, Namti Top having signs of Sino-Indian War 1962.

Ride Hours: 2 Hours/50.8 Kms
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

north east bike trip
Beautiful valleys of Walong
Awara Day 5: Dong Trek

Today we stand witness to and open our eyes in the village which receives first rays of Sun in India. Dong also happens to be a remote village sandwiched between the peaceful border or China and Myanmar. The trek to Dong is strategically placed at the confluence of Lohit, Brahmaputra and Sati river. On reaching the top we overlook Burma and China across a beautiful panoramic view of rivers and meadows underneath.  Dong is a tri-junction of India, China, and Myanmar.

Trek Time: 2 Hours
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

north east bike trip
Dong receives first rays of Sun in India
Awara Day 6: Kibithu, Kaho – The last village on the India-China border

Kaho village is on the Indo-China border and falls on the Chinese Land of Actual Control (LAC). There is a maximum of 12 families living with a population of 70-80 people. The village has been inhabited by Meyor Tribe and olds a very old Gompa denoting the Buddhist faith practice by Meyor. On our ride, we will come across lots of hanging bamboo bridges that connects neighboring villages. From this side, the Chinese side is clearly visible and the village is controlled by the army. If lucky, we can also witness flag meetings between India and China which are held frequently. Lohit river enters India through Kibithu village.

Ride Hours: 1 Hour/22.1 Kms
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

north east bike trip
The last village of Northeast at Indo-China border: Kibithu
Awara Day 7 & 8: Kibithu to Sadiya

We ride towards Sadiya today, a village which from 360 degrees has mesmerizing sights. On the north of Sadiya, we will find ourselves surrounded by Arunachal Pradesh and on the other three sides, Sadiya is surrounded by large rivers flowing down the Brahmaputra River. Image spending a day in the middle of such beauty! The village Sadiya also carries historic reference as the Vidarbha kingdom in Mahabharata. Sadiya in the medieval period has been part of the Chutiya Kingdom and later conquered by the Ahom Kingdom. It's going to be a challenging ride today but the destination is worth it!

Ride hours: 8 Hours/288 Kms
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

north east bike trip
The longest river crossing bridge.
Awara Day 9: Sadiya to Dibrugarh

North East bike trip will end today and we start out ride early morning for the airport/railway station at Dibrugarh. It's going to be the last ride together and farewell to fellow awara travelers with a promise to meet again in some adventure!

Ride Hours: 4 Hours

‘Our life is to travel, to travel is to live’
Awara Feet

north east bike trip

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